You’ve Never Had a Boil Like This Before

Learn more about our boiled crawfish in Marshall, TX

Everybody boils crawfish differently, but nobody does it quite like Crawfish Shack. Neil Owen of Crawfish Shack has perfected his crawfish process and recipe—and it shows. People travel from all over the country to experience the fresh, savory crawfish at Crawfish Shack.

How do we get the juicy, Cajun-inspired taste for our crawfish?

We want to deliver the best boiled crawfish for our customers, so we:

  • Louisiana sourced crawfish for a fresh-out-the-water taste
  • Wash and clean our crawfish thoroughly
  • Use a unique seasoning and boil recipe that you won’t find anywhere else

Voilà, there you have it. But if we’re being honest, words can’t begin to describe how good our boiled crawfish is. You have to come experience it for yourself. Visit Crawfish Shack today for the crawfish you’ve been craving.